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I was born searching for memories
As an experience desires to be remembered
As a song desires to be heard

Hawa H



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Ok, so for those that know me you could be right in thinking the Boudoir needs a tidy up and that Nadia (the resident Mannequin) has taken a turn for the worse! However, despite bearing a striking resemblance to my flat this morning, it is in fact the work of the photographic genius Wolfgang Tillmans.

Not quite sure where last week disappeared to, maybe it went so quick due to the fact i was eagerly anticipating the weekend ahead with what promised to be a first class night out on Saturday with two great pals. And it didn’t disappoint. Due to limited funds a few cheeky reds were in order before we set out as was a hip flask filled with my favourite whiskey tipple. No need for a front door key in the fishnets this week as the golden child (still golden from the Ashtray episode, love him) was at home and he had rather generously given me a pass till 1pm.

Five hours later i was reluctantly home as promised, beaming from a memorable night out. The samba’s had taken a bashing and so had the head but boy was it worth it. As Lao Tzu once wrote ‘Music in the soul can be heard by the universe’. I think the stars were shining bright last night.

No Yoga for me this weekend but considering i’ve been laying on my back all day and feeling pretty corpse like, i think it could be said that i’m well practised in the most important Asana of them all… Shavasana!


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Feeling pretty knackered last night but still not able to sleep, partially due to the fact or so my son tells me that i’m obsessesd with my blog and wake at some unearthly hour thinking of all things inspirational to post (hate to admit it but he could be right!), i was up early and drafting!

Had to break off to order a new carpet, long overdue i might add having been told that the previous tenant used the carpet as his ashtray… nice! So when the landlord agreed to provide us with an early Xmas present i wasted no time and went forth and purchased. Managed to fit in an early morning Yoga class working with the breath which i have to say was much needed for clearing my congested Lungs. So important the breath for our practice and something i often shy away from teaching but definitely going to focus on incorporating it into my lesson plans for 2013.

With funds being tight i tend to do all my own advertising. Not necessarily a bad thing as i think it allows me to be more creative and the final product reflects what i’m really about… saying that none of my flyers have ever featured images of Alcohol, Cigarettes and Nudity! However, i might think differently and put my hand in my pocket if i lived next to the guys who produced this. Came across this article titled ‘Yoga, the new weapon of mass world peace’ and had to share.

“This was the work of KesselsKramer. Founded by Erik Kessels and Johan Kramer in 1996, this is one of the most creative agencies in Amsterdam – and Europe, for that matter. The agency, based in a church, is famous for not liking advertising awards, showing irrelevant information on its website and for its many very creative, non-commercial side projects. Given the broad interest of its founders, it is no surprise that Johan Kramer left the agency in 2005 to become full time film director. And though Kessels is still working full time for the agency, his photography related projects draw a lot of media attention. KesselsKramer’s best work was for Hans Brinker – it very effectively promoted the budget hotel as the greatest shit hole in Amsterdam. Other work was published in 2005 in a book called 2 Kilo of KesselsKramer”

“The good thing about working as an ad agency for small clients (with small budgets) is that your creative playground gets much more spacious. Big brands often don’t dare to stick their neck out, let alone go political – the consumer might turn against them! Not Lotte Yoga School; she hasn’t got much to lose. And that’s why she gave KesselsKramer carte blanche. And when you do that, you get distinctive work. Together with these posters – that promote a €5 trial session – Lotte Yoga School also sent each politician a letter.”


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Feeling jaded from a sleepless night Saturday, an 8 hour shift at work yesterday and a long drive to retrieve my wonderful angel last night, i was looking forward to re-centering myself this morning and getting back on my mat to teach.

Morcheeba have been getting a look in on my playlist for teaching lately. Great band and a great lover of Skye Edwards, Undress Me Now provided me with the inspiration i needed this morning. Not saying that i taught my class in the buff or encouraged everyone to take their clothes off (although that has been known), but instead lesson planned some glorious hip openers that flowed to these dulcet tones.

Sun was shining in the studio this morning and my equilibrium had been restored.


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I missed blogging yesterday, so today I shall make up for it. A plethora of posts could be imminent!

Before disappearing to his father’s for the weekend my 15 year old son surprised me with this wonderful gift. Knowing my love for ashtrays and all things retro he must surely have been counting his brownie points whilst purchasing this Lichtenstein masterpiece. As he departed with a wonderful golden halo above his head his mother’s halo started to slip slightly at the thought of her weekend ahead.
Saturday night was a blast. An evening of great live music provided by local bands and DJs was made even better by the fact it was all for charity. Knowing there was going to be very little opportunity to get on my mat this weekend i decided after a few Jack Daniels to take my practice off the mat and spread the word about my new Yoga blog. Apologies to everyone as i know it was repetitive babble and at one point i think i was walking around with what felt like a sticker of ‘thetattooedyogagirl’ on my head! However, it obviously had an impact, i think, as when i returned home at some unearthly hour Sunday morning i had received an early morning text from my golden child informing me that my number of blog followers had significantly increased!

Sometimes a practice off the mat brings a broader smile.

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